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Why You Should Only Use Airport Limousine Service

The big merit of using a limousine service at an international airport for JFK is that it is less expensive than most of the other cars options. If you are going to the JFK airport and using your own car service then you have to spend between $20 and $60 per day to park your car at night. If you take a taxi service then you can expect to pay about $200 to the airport or hotel. Most hotel shuttles run for about $55 and run only from the airport to the hotel. JFK Airport Car service offers an excellent Limo service from the JFK airport and is about $90 per hour. A big advantage of using a limousine service is that it is going to be much more comfortable and reliable. The buses present nearly no leg room and stops are very frequent nearly so the time taken to get to and from the airport will be a lot of more as you consider. In case of own car, your car will be safe but you'll need to fight the hassle of traffic and trouble of taking the car from the parking area in JFK where y